When Can We Introduce Exercise to Our Kids

Kids Workout

The question raised by most of active parents are about when is the best time for our kids to start exercise / workout. There are debates on this issue. But the best advice that I found is very depending to our observation on our kids. We know our kids better that others, including fitness guru.

Kids Workout

Please note, a happy kids that actively play outdoor with parent or friend such as at park is also can be considered as exercise. What I wanted to discuss here is when can we introduce exercise to our kids, the exercise that a bit formal, which focus on certain area such as cardio to build stamina or using weight to build strength.

Kids Workout

General Checklist

Among the checklist that you may use on the observation are:

  • Fun
  • Discipline
  • Willingness


If your kids found this activities is fun, it mean they are ready to get involved with it. Most of the kids nowadays found their interest in indoor activities which make them stuck in front of tablets, gadgets or TV. We need to slowly encourage them to get interested in more healthy lifestyle.

Kids Workout


If you plan to bring your kids to the gym or swimming pools, discipline is the key. You need to make sure that they are abide with the rules in that place. Some of the gym only allow kids above 18 years old in their premise. This is to avoid any incident that might happen and reduce the risk.

Kids Workout


Again, willingness is subject to the first checklist, FUN. If they found the activities is not fun, then it’s hard to get them consistently join the program. You may start with the fun exercise such as Zumba, fit dance or normal aerobic.

In summary, introducing a healthy lifestyle to your kids as early as possible may help their future interest. It’s not hard to shape them when they are still kids. Kids always copy what their parent do.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, More Ibadah.