Get Fit Challenge – Prize Giving Ceremony

Get Fit Price Giving Ceremony

After the most fun ever month, the winner of the first batch Get Fit Challenge was unveiled. The prize giving ceremony was held cheerfully with party mood and “sport” attire theme. It was held in Get Fit Studio, SS2 Petaling Jaya. And the good news is everybody was the winner actually.

The host for the party was En Kamal & Mr Fay. En Kamal who dressed in Silat Gayong attire put on orange wig and briefed about the healthy nutrition.

Get Fit Price Giving Ceremony

Whereas Mr Fay who put his muscular costume was really stole the show. His shared the benefit of quality healthy lifestyle with simple formula; 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.

Get Fit Price Giving Ceremony

The winner for the most weight loss was Mr Siva. He loss 4.7kg in this challenge. He said, the secret was simple; he took Herbalife Nutritious Shake for breakfast and dinner. Which provide him with healthy nutrition and only gave him 150 calories per serving when he mix with low fat milk. For lunch, he took colourful food (healthy vegetables & sufficient protein) and less carbo.

Get Fit Price Giving Ceremony

And the winner for ‘the most fat buster’ was Denean (sorry, I didn’t have her picture). And the winner for the most muscle gain was Nic Ng. For Nic, he add up Herbalife Whey Protein in his shake to provide more protein after meal. He also took the protein before and after the workout.

Get Fit Price Giving Ceremony

The winner for the category ‘the most fittest challenger’ was Rachel Ng. Her fitness improved tremendously within the challenge. Before this she can’t do plank and push up, by the end of the challenge she was improving.

Get Fit Price Giving Ceremony

I brought along all my family to the ceremony, and everybody were really having fun.

Get Fit Price Giving Ceremony

Fadillah will join the second batch of the competition this month, which will start on 13th September. Go go Fadillah!

Get Fit Price Giving Ceremony

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, More Ibadah

About Get Fit Challenge

It’s the most hottest fitness challenge in town. It’s conducted every month.

It’s open for all fitness level and the main objective is to GET FIT:

  • From Fat to Fit
  • From Fit to Fittest

Weekly fitness programs line up for you:

  • Fitness Test
  • Running
  • Bootcamp
  • Outdoor activities (climbing, tracking, etc)

Also Body Scan & Metabolism Test …

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Get a change to win monthly price in the following category:

  • Muscle Gain
  • Fat Loss
  • Fittest
  • Loss Weight

Also stand a change to win Grand Price: iPad Mini!


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