Tips to Overcome – I am Afraid to go Gym! – Tip 3

I’m really afraid to go gym! That the common mental block that we had. This is a series of tips for you to overcome that block.

Tip #3: Think Smaller

Yes think small. Your “ambition” should be step inside the gym, train in a very small way, and leave. And that’s it.

This accomplishes three things:

*Your goal becomes approachable.
*You have a chance to experience gym culture.
*A lot of ambiguity evaporates into thin air.
Before joining the gym last month, I’d be thinking about doing three sets of squats, three sets of the bench press, and the deadlift, and it was all too much. I was exhausted simply thinking about what I wanted to do.

Then I thought smaller and decided that, for my first time in the gym, I’d do some cardio and hit the barbell. This was the process:

*Walk into the gym.
*Pay for my session.
*Find the running or cycling place.
*Try some barbell
*Do a set of five reps.
*Give myself a mental thumbs-up.
And, if I managed that, I’d consider myself a success.

I still walked into the gym with butterflies in my stomach but I knew that the feeling wouldn’t be around for long. I’ll only be here for a couple of minutes, I thought to myself, and my fears started to fade.

Eventually, training at the gym should last more than a couple of minutes, but for now, the focus should be getting you into the gym as frequently as possible with the least amount of resistance possible. Become familiar with the gym by making it easy to become familiar, then work your way from there.