Tips to Overcome – I am Afraid to go Gym! – Tip 2

I’m really afraid to go gym! That the common mental block that we had. This is a series of tips for you to overcome that block.

Tip #2: Kill Ambiguity

This might be hard to swallow but you’re not actually afraid of the gym. What you’re actually afraid of is the ambiguity of the gym. You’re afraid of:

*Not knowing what you’re doing.
*Navigating an unfamiliar environment.
*Having people look down at you.

But while these fears are real and need to be dealt with, they’re much easier to deal with compared to a vague fear of the gym itself. In fact, it only takes one word to describe what you need to do at this point: study. Because ambiguity’s great weakness is information.

Your mission from here on out, then, is to know as much about the gym as possible before you arrive. You should, for instance, know:

*What you plan to do at the gym.
*How you plan to train at the gym.
*The best times to visit the gym.
And, really, any other information that might possibly give you an edge before you step through those front doors for the first time.