Tips to Overcome – I am Afraid to go Gym! – Tip 4

I’m really afraid to go gym! That the common mental block that we had. This is a series of tips for you to overcome that block.

Tip #4: Act Confident

I don’t believe it’s as easy to act confident as some people suggest but I do believe it can help a little.

To act confident, consider what happens when we’re not confident:

*We breathe faster.
*We think faster — too fast.
*We slouch.
There’s other ways we respond — and everyone is different, of course – but if we can combat these responses, we’re putting ourselves on the right track.


To breathe confidently is to breathe slowly and through our nose. In the morning, before you visit the gym, sit quietly for a few minutes and take long, deep breaths. You can consider this meditation but there’s no need to give it a label. You’re simply giving your brain the oxygen it needs.

At the gym itself, take the time to breathe after every set of exercise. I close my eyes during this time but you can do whatever you want. You don’t need to breathe for long. Just making a conscious effort to slow your breath is enough.


Our thoughts are perhaps the biggest problem since most of our fear stems from losing control of our mind. To deal with this:

Have a precise plan. If you walk into the gym knowing exactly what you plan to do, your mind at least has a focal point to work with.
Listen to music. Whatever can block out the world around you will work fine.
Do something easy. You don’t have to start off doing some complicated exercise. Just do something you know you can do.
Confidence comes from experience and the easiest way to gain experience is, again, to get yourself into the gym as frequently as possible with the least amount of resistance possible.