Get Fit Challenge – Outing Day – FRIM

Other than weekly training in Get Fit Studio, SS2, Petaling Jaya, the Get Fit Challenger participant were also brought out to do outdoor activities. It’s exposed the participant to do exercise in a fun way. Everybody including the family member who join the session were so excited and their faces were full of smile.

A week before, the participant went to Ah Pek Hill. And this week, everybody burn their calories in Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), located near Selayang.

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

The exercise started with stretching and warm up lead by Miss Faezah. The kids also happily followed the routine.

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

Then, everybody hiked to the forest. The good things in FRIM is the trail was so easy. Even the kids can safely follow the trail.

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

Dr Nas and his wife Amanda, who brought both of his kids burn the most calories. They have to carry them all the way deep in the jungle.

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

The bugs, spider and the forest insect sound so shooting and relaxing.

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

The sound of the stream also make us wanted to camp in this place.

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

The kids were the most exited during the trip. Not only they can experience the jungle tracking, they also get wet in the cold river.

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

We kept hydrate with Herbalife Aloe and Teamix drink. And we had our healthy Herbalife Nutritious Shake as our post recovery workout.

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

Azlie Kasim & his son .

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

Fadillah & Hamzah

Outdoor Outing - FRIM

En Kamal, Zam & his wife.

Fuiiiw … We’ll definitely come here again. So awesome!

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, More Ibadah

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