You Can Say Bye to Yo-yo Diet.

Yo-yo Diet

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You Can Say Bye to Yo-yo Diet

Have you ever start a diet to loss weight and end up you gained back? And the cycle goes around and around. And sometime you just want to accept that you’re a fit person that just happen to be trapped in this big body. Sound familiar? This is my experience how I loss 22kg and I jumped out from the cycle of loss-weight-gain-weight. I believe you can do it too …

Set Short-Term ‘Result Oriented’ Goal

With my height over 163cm my ideal weight should be around 58kg. But after delivered to 3 of my sweet kids I was 73kg. If I put my goal to loss 20kg (at that time), I would say, I can’t do it. My mind blocked that because I’d tried that on my 1st & 2nd child. So, this time I break my goal into shorter time period and be more ‘result base’. Among my early goal was; to loss 2 size within 2 months. It worked and it motivated me. Then move to the next short-term goal such as I want to reduce my ‘spare tyre’ to 4cm in 3 months, etc.

Be Realistic

“Make sure your diet is one you can stick with,” says Anne Fletcher, R.D., author of Thin for Life. You can’t just suddenly stop eat this stop eat that. Make a progress one at the time. I started with reducing ‘unhealthy’ food and replace it with healthy food. Once, your body get used of it, I can stick to the diet easily. It become one part of your lifestyle.

Little Loss is A Progress

Don’t try to lose too much too soon. A healthy goal for slimming down, according to the National Institutes of Health, is to reduce your weight by approximately 10 percent over six months. In my case, I just loss 0.4 to 0.5kg per week. You might say, Waa … too slow. My question is, do you want it to be fast and back to Yo-yo trapped, or you wanted to be slow, effective and become your lifestyle?

Simple Exercise

I just spend 30 minutes for my daily workout at the beginning of the program. How? Just follow Jillian Micheal work out in Youtube. Sometime I followed Yoga or Zumba, also in Youtube. Most of the videos are do able and fun. Simple right?

80% Nutrition 20% Exercise

Previously i joined local aerobic class. It’s 1 hour intensive workout. 3 times a week. You wouldn’t believe, I was on-off with the group for almost 4-5 years (but i still have spare tyre in my belly). In fact, most of the aerobic members are pear shape. I laugh so hard when I recalled back. At that time I didn’t know that it’s about the nutrition, and not exercise only. Now I know that it’s 80% Nutrition 20% Exercise.

Get Peer Support

Researchers have found that socialising with others who have successfully lost weight improves your odds of maintaining your own weight loss. In fact, my success to jump out from the yo-yo diet was also due to coaching. Coach? How much? Hahaha, not a single cent for the coach actually. The coach is my friend.

You’re now might have a question, such as, what to eat, how to plan, etc. Do contact me (+6019 3088 720) to get FREE consultancy and I might be your coach for FREE!

I’m now 52kg and I can get the result more that what I aimed and I believe you can too.

Stay healthy, stay fit!