Ultimate Running Guide for Beginner

Ultimate Running Guide for Beginner

Running is one of the cheapest exercise that you can embrace in your healthy active lifestyle routine. You can do it within your residential area, park next to your office or running track in stadium. You don’t need to pay for it. Here we give you ultimate running guide for beginner, so you can discover and enjoy more this sport.

Set Running Goal

We didn’t know what is the level of your current running performance. Whether you’re avid runner or really just started to love this sport, you need to set goal. Say 2km or 5km so you can prepare to join any local fun run in the future.


Running With Friend

Most of the marathoner will say this, “Run with friend if you want to run far, run alone if you want to sprint”. It’s true. Sometimes running a long distance will make you feel loneline. But if you’re running with friend, you’ll find that it’ll will be an enjoyable moment. And you’ll look ahead for your next running with buddy.


Keep a Diary

When you monitor your progress, eventually you can keep track your performance. Now days, the diary that I mean is any running apps that can keep your training logs up to date without hassle. Previously I use app Map My Run and Run Keeper, and now I use Garmin Connect and Strava a lot. I highly recommend Strava because it’s the most popular “social network” for runner and cyclist. In fact, you can find GoFitWith.Me group in the apps where you can find avid runner in this club that will motivate you and push you to improve your running progress.


Mix it Up

Your muscle will keep a memory within your pace capability. You need to make them confuse so you can perform better. Else your performance will be flat. What I mean by make the muscle confuse is to mix the training method. Someday you run in hilly, in other day you just focus on technique, then you can also do “Stride”, or do “Interval”. There are other training technique that I can share in the future but I don’t want to make you confuse. I want you to make the muscle confuse.


Join A Club

As I said before, if you run with friend, you’ll enjoy the session more. Join us in GoFitWith.Me and you may find in like minded person that will help you to get fit, healthier and enjoy the session. We even conducted a running clinic before, and we might do it again in the future. Member will keep update the running training session in the group, you can contact Coach Fadillah (+60193088720) for detail info.


All the tips above I summarise in the infographic below, please do share this and make the world a better place with more healthier people.


Ultimate Running Guide for Beginner
Ultimate Running Guide for Beginner