Tips to Overcome – I am Afraid to go Gym! – Tip 7

turun berat badan

Tip #7: Be Persistent

You can make mistakes, have fears, and repeatedly expect to fail, but if you keep work toward a precise goal that doesn’t require external validation, it’s a matter of time before you reach it. The only true failure is to stop trying.

On the practical side of things, persistence must be aligned with priority. You need to make “overcome fear of the gym” one of the most important things in your life. This means you should always be:

*Learning more about the gym.
*Taking small steps toward the gym.
*Reminding yourself of your core purpose.


Let’s focus on the key points:

#Consider why you want to go to the gym in the first place.
#Don’t let anything about the gym remain unclear to you.
#Set a small goal to get yourself in the gym as a starting point.
#Make the most of physiological tricks to boost your confidence.
#Let someone take charge so you’re not overwhelmed with responsibility.
#Expect things to go wrong, allowing yourself to prepare for them.
#Don’t give in at any point. Grit your teeth and just keep going.

Stay Healthy, stay strong, more ibadah …