SuperVetsANGSA Beat Proton at Their Homeground

It was a rainy day and and the rain stopped right before the game started. So you can imagine how the field condition, super-duber-wet. Anyway, Proton Casting field was really awesome pitch and I already prepared with my 6 studs boot, not a great worry.

There were few players didn’t turn up, so Captain P’Yea re-planned the first 11th position. In previous game I played as the left defender and today’s game I switched to right defender to replace Shariff San.

We lead 2-0 in the early half, where PokNik and Sony scored the great goal. The game was almost 60-70% controlled by ANGSA. Proton team scored last minute goal after their player pushed our goalkeeper, Ngoh. Which sent him off the pitch with an injured knee. And guess who was the replacement keeper? It was me!

Proton passed trough the offside trapped set by our team and scored one goal. It’s one to one situation where I should moved early to catch the ball but due to inexperience, I let the striker get the ball and scored to right side of the net.

Another beautiful goal was scored by Erik in the third half. The final score was 3-2.

How normally I fuel my body for this kind of game? I had my Nutritious Formula 1 Herbalife Shake and mixed with Herbalife Formula 3 Protein 30-40 minute before the game. A lot of fluid during the game. And of course Herbalife Protein bar after the game for recovery.

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