Get Fit Challenge Batch 1 – Fit In Day

Get Fit Challenge

The waiting day is over, here come the FIT-IN day for Get Fit Challenge batch #1. It’s started on August 2nd, 2014.

The crowd was so overwhelming, everybody in high spirit to start the get fit challenge. It’s not a challenge between the participant. It’s a competition between you yourself. The winner is drawn from the FIT-OUT session next month and it’s based on the progress percentage. So, everybody have a change to improve themselves and in the same time got a change to win the price!

The contestant will be weight and measure for their FIT-IN records.

Get Fit Challenge

The fun part is, the participant keep cheering each other and gave motivation & encouragement …

Get Fit Challenge

Pre hydration drink and post recovery shake is provided for the participant. It will be served during the FIT-IN, weekly exercise and FIT-OUT. Total of 5 serving!

Get Fit Challenge

Some of the participant is fighting to break the record.

Get Fit Challenge

Go go everybody!

Get fit, Get Healthy, More Ibadah

About Get Fit Challenge

It’s the most hottest fitness challenge in town. It’s conducted every month.

It’s open for all fitness level and the main objective is to GET FIT:

  • From Fat to Fit
  • From Fit to Fittest

Weekly fitness programs line up for you:

  • Fitness Test
  • Running
  • Bootcamp
  • Outdoor activities (climbing, tracking, etc)

Also Body Scan & Metabolism Test …

5 Delicious Pre-Hydration Drink and Post Recovery Shake!

Get a change to win monthly price in the following category:

  • Muscle Gain
  • Fat Loss
  • Fittest
  • Loss Weight

Also stand a change to win Grand Price: iPad Mini!


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