After 10 Days Weight Loss Program I Loss Weight But You Can Still Call Me Bob

10 Days Weight Loss Program

GoFitWithMe offers 10 Days Weight Loss Program which designed to provide knowledge to the participant on how to change their nutrition toward healthy active lifestyle. (Result is not typical, it may vary individually.) This post entry shared the story to inspire others on the journey toward healthy active lifestyle.


By the way, if you’re Malaysian, you might found it normal to call your ‘cubby’ friend with a name Bob. We don’t know the reason why, but for sure it’s sound familiar. Do you agree with me?


Same goes to our new Nutrition Club member, whom people called him Bob. He visited the club after the recommendation from our member Amy (whom loss 3kg after her 10 days program). Bob’s weight was 215.7kg when he first came to our nutrition club. His current weight is 209kg.


Alhamdulillah after 10 days, Bob loss 6kg and felt energetic. “Before this, I used to be easily tired even just for a walk”, said Bob. “Now I can even use stairs energetically”, added Bob.


Even thought his goal still far away to go, this achievement really lifted up his motivation.


10 Days Weigh Loss Program Benefits

Bob’s positive result was basically due to the knowledge that he gained from the program. He slowly changed his nutrition and gradually adopt healthy active lifestyle. Through out the program, he learned about nutrition and follow the meal plan customized for him by Coach Fadillah. “I really blessed to gain the knowledge that practically easy to implement. Before this, I don’t really care about the timing when to eat and how much should I take”, Bob shared his clueless experience before.


Furthermore, the other team member who regularly visit GoFitWithMe Nutrition Club always supported him and provided him motivation.


Nowadays, Bob determined to loss more weight and will inspire other to adopt healthy active lifestyle too.  His post in Facebook also received overwhelm respond from friends and they keep cheer and always support his journey.


His nature of jobs in construction required him to monitor the progress of the development site. Sometimes a dozen of high raise floor which required him to climb the stair or quite a distance of walking.  “I can now feel lighter and not really tired when I use the stair”, said Bob.


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 00.33.05Photo credit: Sham Izzudin Mohammad (Bob)

When asked will people call him Bob after he’s fit and achieved the target? “I loss weight but you can still call me Bob …”, he answered determinedly.


Keep it up Bob! You’re awesome and inspired us!


Get Fit, Get Healthier, More Deeds.