5 Reason Why You Should Join 21 Days Challenge

GREAT HABITS ARE FORMED DAILY. Truth be told, good habits require consistent commitment. Highly successful people have learned to develop good habits. Make the commitment to make it past the fight thru, no matter how many times you go back to it, to reach new levels of success.


The young Venus and Serena Williams would wake up at 6:00 am to hit tennis balls before school. Van Goh paint daily and he was not an overnight successful artist. They work hard to form the good habits.

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1. Competetiveness

Because you’re human and people are competitive. A spirit of competition can bring out determination and staying power you never knew you had, but once you know you have it, you can use it over and over again to achieve your goals.


2. Clear Path

Speaking of goals: People are more likely to follow through on objectives when they’ve thought about them, collated their ideas and written down their goals. If you take this major step and give yourself some concrete achievements to works toward, you’re much more likely to see them through.


3. Form A Habit

21 Days Challenges are habit forming. Why? Because they last in 21 days. Getting into the routine of working out and building new patterns takes a couple of weeks. At first you dread it, you slog through, then a place has been made in your schedule, in your life, it’s what you expect to do everyday–it’s part of the plan. Once you work it in and plant it deep, you’ve got something you know how to sustain and your body will ask for each day–a habit. From there, success!



4. Teamwork

When you join a weight loss challenge, often you do it with other people, you form teams and compete against other teams. Committing to a team or even one other person to do something on a regular basis gives you a sense of accountability, and accountability is a very good thing in your get-fit, weight loss goals. Research shows that people who have workout partners succeed in their fitness and weight-loss goals MUCH more often than those who go it alone. You don’t want to let down the team, right? You want to contribute! Be accountable and stay the course, and we promise you’ll see results!

5. Celebrate Together

Goal setting is an important part of any weight-loss challenge because it gives you milestones, small accomplishments to celebrate along the way, and who couldn’t use some positive reinforcement when they’re really working hard to make changes in life? So, celebrate the milestones and let them spur you on!


Highly successful people have learned to develop good habits, and it takes discipline, courage and hard work on a daily basis to keep those habits in place. It makes perfect sense to adopt habits that will facilitate success, yet, why are some so difficult to adopt?


Because you tried it own your own. Why not do it in a group? Let’s do this together and join GoFitWith.Me 21 Days Challenge. It’ll motivate you & push you to form a good habit in your life.
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