Coach Fadillah Officially Licensed To Teach Zumba

Yes, it’s official! I was jumping with joy when I received the email from Zumba mentioned I was licensed to teach Zumba. Alhamdulillah! What a great news to share with GoFitWith.Me community. I would like to take a great thanks for your support. What did this mean for you?

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Official email from Zumba.

This mean, I’m be able to share a more steps that I’d learned during the coach certification. You’ll get a change to experience variety techniques, so your Zumba steps will be more confident and fun.

With David Veles, Zumba Education Specialist (ZES)
With David Veles, Zumba Education Specialist (ZES)

The certification class was held at Nilai recently and was conducted by David Veles. Below is cited his profile from Zumba website.

Born in Colombia, David who is currently (ZES) Zumba Education Specialist for South East Asia and China has been a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and modern dancer for over a decade. David is also a Master Trainer for Spinning & BOSU. Also he is an International Presenter running workshops and Master classes in fitness conventions around the world like Spain, Mexico, Cayman Island, Bermuda, Colombia, US, Australia, China, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan,Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Ecuador and England. He is known for his creative teaching style and high-energy classes leaving class participants craving for more. “Colombia es mi casa y Fitness es mi pasion”

The class he conducted was really extensive but full of fun. He was hilarious and made me so excited about the rest of the day. What I’m gone trough; we had lectures and went over the different steps for each dance, practiced coming up with choreography. These are what I prepared before the class.

My prepration for the class
My prepration for the class: Herbalife nutrition, water, notebook and sport gear …

I brought Herbalife Formula 1 and drank it during/in between the workout for quick recovery because it contained 55 nutritions including essential Acid Amino and protein. The best part, the calories just 150 kCal if I mix it with low-fat milk.

My lunch box
My lunch box: Super healthy, delicious and easy to prepare.

Since there were no lunch provided. I packed my lunch and it’s the most easy prep meal that you can do too. Pasta for slow release carbo source, chicken minced with soy tofu and salmon grill for protein. This time, I cut a few slide of cucumber for my vege. Super healthy, delicious and super easy to prepare.

Photo session with David
Photo session with David

It was a very extensive Personal Development for me for the benefit of GoFitWith.Me community.

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Go Fit, Go Healthy, More Deeds.


Coach Fadillah.